Propaganda Watchdog is a revolutionary internet Protocol in which users learn the techniques of propaganda in order to flag them up in real-time, as you spot them, using hashtags on Social Media. Essentially, it is a game of ‘I-Spy Propaganda’ in which you can be the expert. We do not aim, or claim, to be the arbiters of truth. We are just the ones who came up with the idea for a badly needed solution to the problem of Fake News.

The ultimate aim is to build a database of hashtagged propaganda through the ages.

This will ultimately mean that any contemporary propaganda added to the register can be understood in historical context, thanks to compiled by innumerable autonomous participants globally, using the entire array of web platforms, giving everyone a voice in a culture of learning, which is mirrored globally on numerous servers to ensure its safety in an increasingly authoritarian world.

Propaganda Watchdog Temporary Website and the Propaganda Watchdog Protocol is free to read, use, participate in, and customise to your specifications if you desire to use the protocol to generate your own content.

Any donations to help towards the setup and ongoing running costs of the Propaganda Watchdog would be greatly appreciated.

Despite the millions allotted to finding a solution to Fake News we have not received any such support so any donations would be greatly received and will allow us to further the project.

Please click HERE to donate – thank you!


Visit www.paypal.me/PropWatchdog/amount e.g. www.paypal.me/propwatchdog/10

Alternatively you can click HERE to setup a regular monthly donation.

This will assist us in the ongoing running of the Propaganda Watchdog website and work we are doing for you all, sharing all that we know and suggesting how you can participate in the solution to Fake News.

Common knowledge will collectively stop the ability for the media to manipulate.

You can help us in our effort by donating either from as little as £1 per month or more, ONLY if you can afford it, via our Patreon account.

If not, please try and ‘follow us’, ‘like’, ‘share’, or setup your own Social Media platform using the Propaganda Watchdog Protocol as you see fit.

We might be a small organisation at the moment, but the amount of suppression we are enduring, such as our website being hacked and taken down forcing us to use a free WordPress temporary website indicates the power of the protocol to expose propaganda.

If this temporary website is hacked like the others, it just adds yet even more weight to our argument! Donations will help us to hire a professional web developer, who is not compromised by dark interests and will thus enable a secure platform.

But we will always strive to find an alternative way as Governments and corporations are spending millions trying to find a ‘solution’ to Fake News that allows them to merely present more assertions from authority, while we have managed to formulate a REAL one which empowers people with the knowledge to identify coercion, in real time, merely using disability allowance cheques, brain power and determination.

Meanwhile, the media either ignore us or are complicit in our stalking. The truth would appear to be that they don’t want you to really be able to spot fake news. It would appear that they want you controlled and manipulable.

Let’s make it work.

If you cannot contribute in this way, by simply following us would be just as helpful.

We have spent years while being censored, stalked, harassed, and threatened trying to get this platform to you and at this stage are determined to enable the traction required to move the Propaganda Watchdog forward to completion

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